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Apr 4, 2023

Tamara chats with Marita Kennedy-Castro of Embody the Rhythm. 

Marita Kennedy-Castro (she/her) is an embodied movement artist, dance educator and intercultural bridge-builder. She is founder of Embody the Rhythm, and artistic director, choreographer and performer with New Moon Ensemble. She resides in the un-ceded territory of the Wabanaki peoples, which we call Portland, Maine under colonization. Marita is passionate about contributing to cultural preservation, building intercultural communities and illuminating avenues to healing through movement as medicine.

A note from Marita:

It feels important to mention that for those of us in white bodies, many of our ancestors too had practices of communal dancing and music sharing as part of life rituals that connect us to each other, and to the earth. Many of these traditions have been largely lost or buried in the dominant culture. The focus on individualism, constructed race, class and gender hierarchies, and capitalism have had a lot to do with people of all backgrounds losing these communal practices. I believe all people have an innate connection to music and dancing, that it’s a vital part of being human. The traditions have been quietly forced out of our daily rituals and celebrations through valuing things like “productivity” and financial “success” over living life. We have much to learn from cultures who recognize the importance of continuing and preserving these traditions. This is another reason why intentional cultural preservation is so essential. 

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